Flowers For Men

flowers for men

In the 20th century sending flowers to men was basically unheard of. Over the last few years we have seen an increasing demand for flowers intended as a gift for men. If you are thinking of sending a man flowers you may want to give a little more thought to the flowers you choose and the hidden meanings that they have.

Occasions To Send Flowers To Men

There are many occasions to send men flowers, here are the more popular ones:

Father's Day.

The most popular gift on Mother's Day is flowers so it should not come as a surprise that sending flowers on Father's Day is becoming more popular. Some fathers may appreciate a gift of flowers as they can certainly say more than a card and CD of the music they listened to when they were young. If you Father has a soft spot for flowers try a bouquet and see how he reacts.

Newborn Baby

People often forget the father when a couple have a newborn baby but the time can be as stressful for the new das as it is for the mum. I am certain that most new fathers would appreciate some flowers to brighten up the house as both parents will probably be spending most of the next few week there.


Some men will appreciate flowers on their birthday and some will find it a little strange. If you know the birthday boy well you should be able to easily tell which group they will fall into and if you're not sure fired anyway and see what reaction you get. If they're not too keen on the flowers counted as a lesson learned and go back to more traditional gifts for the following years.

Success at work

Flowers make a great celebratory gift for men that have had a promotion in their job or maybe just they clinched a crucial contract with a new client. Keep in mind however had a recipient will feel receiving flowers in front of his work colleges. it may be okay in an office environment but not on a building site.


Choosing The Right Flowers For Men

This can be a lot trickier than sending women flowers. but on the plus side the types of flowers and colours you can choose is much more limited which can be an advantage if you're pushed the time.


you may not be surprised to learn that it is best to avoid pastel colours as these are a bit feminine. Generally try to stick to the bold colours with plenty of green foliage.


if you're not familiar with the hidden language of flowers made a careful while choosing flowers for a man. Though you can't go wrong with red roses which are obviously linked to romance, chrysanthemums and yellow roses to express friendship, daisies (loyalty). Other flowers suitable men include alstroemerias, sunflowers, bamboo and dogwoods.